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NORK6B6TE5Fixed a memory leak with LotusScript when an external application passed back an array of Variant elements that contained Strings.
AMOR6JT5JHPrior to this fix, an embedded view with a single category jumped to another category without user's intervention, when the database on a server was...
AORA4KKPK4Using the Delete Method for NotesViewEntryCollection was causing these deleted documents to stay in memory for the duration of the process. This fix...
AKNX6C9NPEPrior to this fix, LotusScript was processing an Ole error and trying to convert it as a string, and use it, which lead to crashes. This problem has...
YBYB6TZAH2Fixed the command parsing by stripping leading and trailing white space before comparison.
HJCU5XCSF3LSXBE was soft deleting views (or any design notes) because we didn't ask for Hard delete specifically. Views are not meant to ever be soft deleted,...
GPKS6RUH8RFixed the handling of ERR_NOACCESS when replicating a database referencing a Single Copy Template. This problem did not allow a "delegate" to create...
MMII6QGEUYThe Document.verifier property now returns null if the document has been modified since signed. This is consistent with R5 behavior. This...
RMAS5RRLUWFixed a problem that occurred when a LotusScript web agent attempted to output 64KB or more of data in a single Print statement, causing the output...
CYAO6GMM3COn i5/OS, Domino server crashes when assigning an ODBCConnection object to ODBCResultSet.Connection.
ECLD5M9KCVA LotusScript agent that invokes NotesRichTextItem EmbedObject for an object or object link could crash if run on the Domino server. The...
SBON6SBMGLFixed memory leaks in LSX back-end classes.
SBON6TEUV3Fixed a DXL Exporter problem that could cause a crash when attempting to export any construct that contains Java code, in cases where the Java...
AGUD6LKU4YPrior to this fix, the backend NotesStream class ReadText method could fail in LotusScript if the stream length crossed into disk-backed storage...
ATHS6Y7TFPThis fix changes the interval that the DDM replication cache is written to disk. It was changed from every 10 minutes to once per day, dramatically...
BHUY6ZAHUMFixed a hang which occurred when importing a document using DXL Importer.
BHBH6MF4ARFixed a problem where the debug output window "java.lang.NullPointerException" was displayed after launching the server with "server...


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